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Why Your Partner Not Ready for Sex?

Women need attention. Your wife wants to know that you acknowledge and appreciate her presence in your life. She doesn’t want you to treat her like a sex object that you turn to only when you need sexual satisfaction. If you don’t show your wife that you are interested in her, she might conclude that you have a mistress that is satisfying you sexually. Therefore, show your wife affection by touching her physically every day. Don’t let her feel like you only touch her when you need sex.


Maybe your wife is utterly exhausted. After running household errands, dropping kids to school, and a busy day at work, your wife can be too tired to think about sex. For your wife to satisfy you sexually, she needs to be nourished and energetic. Your wife might not be ready for sex when you need it if she doesn’t have time to recharge, relax, and rest.

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